Some great employee recognition ideas

Posted by Aimee Radcliffe on 11-Jul-2017 10:52:00


As we’ve touched on previously, workforces that are highly engaged – those that feel connected to and invested in a company – deliver greater productivity, are more innovate and retain staff for longer. Among the ways to improve employee engagement is to offer recognition for good performance.

There are all sorts of ways you can do this, from saying a simple thank you to giving employees extravagant gifts or bonuses for good work. Here are some of our favourite employee recognition ideas that go a little further than just the proverbial pat on the back.

Thank you calls

It’s nice to be stopped in the corridor by your manager or senior to be told you’ve done a good job. An employee could be forgiven for thinking, though, that they may not have got that praise had they not crossed paths with their superior or that their superior only gave the praise because there was a quick and easy opportunity to do so. Employers can avoid those concerns by having a significant superior call employees with praise. Not only is this a more personal approach, it shows that they have specifically taken time out of their day to say “thanks.”

 Publish praise

One common approach to providing employee recognition is to publish it somewhere for others to see. It could be via a company-wide email, in a newsletter or on the intranet, for example. Whichever way you choose, these ensure that the employee’s good work is flagged up in front of their peers, giving them a proud moment and motivating other employees too.

Adopt approaches

An even greater mark of recognition is to adopt the good working practices of an employee as standard practice within a company. Of course, this can only be done if it can be easily implemented and suits the company, but it both offers recognition and helps to increase employee engagement. You could even go so far as to name the process or approach after the employee.

Reward the team

A clever twist on providing employee recognition is to reward an entire team for the good work of an individual. In this way, not only is the employee publicly praised, but the team as a whole is motivated to achieve more and benefits from improved morale. Rewards needn’t break the bank either. They can be simple things like tasty treats, drinks at a local bar or leaving work a little early one day.

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