What are the benefits of employee engagement?

Posted by Aimee Radcliffe on 01-Jun-2017 14:04:00

The benefits of employee engagement

Although it’s beneficial to have a happy workforce, it won’t necessarily ensure that enough work is being done or that it is being done to a high enough standard. Staff members that are well looked after but who view a company as a soft-touch, for example, may be happy but lazy.

It is important, therefore, to make a distinction between a happy workforce and an engaged workforce. Employee engagement deals with how invested staff are in a company and how motivated they are to deliver for it. While happy employees may be unlikely to consider moving on, engaged employees will go the extra mile for a company.

Employee engagement can be broken down into three elements: vigour (the effort an employee puts in), dedication (commitment for delivering work to a high standard) and absorption (the extent to which an employee concentrates on their work). Below are a few of the benefits of good employee engagement:


Increased productivity is the most obvious benefit of increased employee engagement. Not only do more engaged employees have greater aptitude for their work, but they are also more emotionally inclined to deliver it to the best of their abilities and more focused in doing so. Improved engagement throughout a workforce, meanwhile, means increased outputs and higher standards, ultimately resulting in improved profitability.


Harder work among engaged employees also results in more innovative outputs, but, perhaps more importantly, it is increased dedication and absorption that really help to drive innovation. Greater care and desire in thinking about a task results in new ways of thinking about it and, ultimately, new answers.


As with employee happiness and employee wellbeing, improved employee engagement helps to reduce staff turnover. This is due to a greater attachment and investment in the work at hand. Fundamentally, employees who feel more immersed in their work, feel more valued.

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