How to choose the best cycle to work scheme

Posted by Julie Connor on 20-Apr-2017 11:49:00
Julie Connor

To choose a cycle to work scheme, employers should consider location, scheme features and support offered, among other things.

Due to the nature of the cycle to work scheme, there are lots of similarities between the different scheme providers. We all offer the same service, albeit in our own ways and with our own particular benefits. Of course, we think Bike2Work Scheme is the best of the bunch, but why take our word for it?! Here’s some advice for finding the best cycle to work scheme so you can find that out for yourself.


Before you even start looking at what the different schemes have to offer, it’s important to understand the specific needs of your organisation.  Yes, you’re looking for a provider to deliver the scheme, but should they have any expertise or experience that might help them to do so better?


To begin with, you should think about where your company is based and check which providers cover that area – or those areas – most comprehensively. Cycle to work scheme providers all have their own networks of bike shop retailers, which vary and overlap to some extent. As such, some cover certain areas better than others. With 2,200 retailers, Bike2Work Scheme's network is the largest.


Most schemes are happy to deal with organisations in any sector, although you may find that some have more experience working with one sector than others. As such, that may be a question worth asking. Similarly, some are more experienced working with larger organisations, while others are more suited to working with smaller outfits.

Scheme features

A lot of the major scheme providers can get employees on bikes within a day, potentially, although often it takes a little longer. Many also provide an online portal via which the administration of a scheme for both employers and employees can be carried out. This can make life easier for employers. Our own API will integrate with a company’s existing financial and HR systems, making the process more efficient still, and its secure sign on functionality keeps things safe.


It may be that you have plenty of time to set up a scheme or are keen to be very hands-on in tailoring it for your company. For many businesses, though, that’s not the case and so the support provided for setting up and running a scheme can make a big difference. Not only should you find out how much support is offered, but what sort of support is offered. It can include things like welcome packs, template documents, webinars, videos and other online help resources, as well as phone support, face-to-face support and video conferencing. At Bike2Work Scheme, we use a “Get Set” questionnaire that helps us to understand what support employers need.

You may also want to consider what aftersales support your employees will receive. Again, the schemes vary in what they offer, but free or discounted servicing and bike checks are common.

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