What are the benefits of employee engagement?

Posted by Aimee Radcliffe on 01-Jun-2017 14:04:00

Although it’s beneficial to have a happy workforce, it won’t necessarily ensure that enough work is being done or that it is being done to a high enough standard. Staff members that are well looked after but who view a company as a soft-touch, for example, may be happy but lazy.

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Topics: workforce morale, producitivty, employee engagement

How to ensure employee wellbeing and workforce productivity

Posted by Aimee Radcliffe on 16-May-2017 11:03:00
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Topics: productivity, workforce morale, wellbeing

How to choose non-monetary benefits for employees

Posted by Aimee Radcliffe on 11-May-2017 11:04:00
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Topics: employee benefits, productivity, workforce morale

Good examples of employee benefits survey questions

Posted by Aimee Radcliffe on 08-May-2017 11:30:00

In addition to rewarding staff for their work, employee benefits are advantageous to employers by helping to attract, motivate and retain staff. Of course, different people value different benefits to a greater or lesser extent than others, so it’s important to offer the right benefits to ensure they are offering value to both employees and the employer. 

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Topics: employee benefits, workforce morale, surveys

The benefits of a healthy workforce

Posted by Aimee Radcliffe on 18-Apr-2017 13:58:00

We all know the benefits of keeping ourselves fit and healthy. Aside from the raft of conditions it can help to prevent, like heart disease, diabetes and some cancers, exercise can improve our self-esteem, mood, sleep quality, energy and stress-levels.

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Topics: productivity, health, employee sickness, workforce morale

Top tips for keeping staff happy

Posted by Aimee Radcliffe on 11-Apr-2017 11:24:00

One principle all business leaders should keep in mind is this: a happy workforce is a productive workforce. Employees who are content and feel valued in their job are more productive. In contrast, those who loathe dragging themselves into work not only get less done, but bring down the morale of those around them too. Either way, the results are reflected in a company’s bottom line. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to keep staff happy.

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