Good examples of employee benefits survey questions

Posted by Aimee Radcliffe on 08-May-2017 11:30:00

In addition to rewarding staff for their work, employee benefits are advantageous to employers by helping to attract, motivate and retain staff. Of course, different people value different benefits to a greater or lesser extent than others, so it’s important to offer the right benefits to ensure they are offering value to both employees and the employer. 

In order to understand if you are offering the right benefits, you can carry out an employee benefits survey. These help employers to find out how their employees feel about the current benefits offered and what, if any, changes they would like making to the those on offer. 

To make sure a survey provides valuable information, it’s important that it uses carefully chosen and worded questions that get to the heart of the matter. Below are examples of some employee benefits survey questions that can help employers develop a clear understanding of where they stand with the benefits they offer staff. 

Was the company’s employer benefits package clearly explained when you started? Do you receive adequate information about the company benefits? 

Given that employee benefits can help to both attract and retain staff, it’s important to know whether staff felt adequately informed about them when they started and feel like they receive adequate updates on an ongoing basis. Should any employees feel they have not been kept properly informed at one point or other, you may find that your company’s recruitment and retention rates could be improved by better communicating the employee benefits on offer. 

How satisfied are you with your current benefits package? How satisfied are you with each of the following benefits? 

It should go without saying that you should ask staff directly about how satisfied they are with the benefits offered. By asking about both satisfaction with the benefits package as a whole and individual benefits offered, though, rather than just one or the other, you can more accurately gauge the extent to which your employee benefits need reviewing. 

What type of benefits are of most importance to you? What specific benefits do / would you most value? In what ways do you think we could improve our employee benefits? 

In a similar way, understanding the types of benefits that employees value, such as annual leave, pensions or healthcare and wellbeing, compared to specific ones can provide a more detailed level of insight. Asking more generally about how the benefits offered could be improved, meanwhile, can provide insights into different things like how relevant info is provided and how benefits are delivered, rather than just what benefits could be offered.

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